Ford Podium Rating
Telephone: 01542 833977
  • A brand new Ford of your choice every three years
  • Servicing, maintenance and repairs at your Ford Dealer
  • Full breakdown assistance from the RAC
  • Window and windscreen replacement at no extra cost
  • A 60,000 mile allowance during the three years
  • Free replacement tyres fitted by Kwik-Fit
  • The most popular adaptations arranged through your Motability accredited Ford Dealer
  • Insurance, loss and damage protection, personal accident cover for named drivers and passengers

The Motability Charity

Helping to give people their independence.

The Motability charity was set up in 1977 to help disabled people, their families and carers get mobile. It was designed to give them a feeling of independence that everyone deserves to have. To be eligible for Motability, you must be receiving PIP, DLA, WPMS or AFIP

As one of the founding motor manufacturers, Ford was there at the very beginning. Since then, Ford Motability is proud to have supplied over half a million Motability vehicles.

Our award-winning cars are versatile, roomy, stylish and deliver exceptional driving dynamics. You can also take advantage of our large support network of Motability accredited Dealers and benefit from the service of over 1,000 dedicated Motability Specialists. To find out more about how the scheme works,  come and speak to our Specialists. We can be found just near the Esso Garage on the A942.

Test Drives are also available on our cars, please use the form below to book yours now!



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